Here’s a little Story

There was a young man who was truly passionate about sports cars and motorcycles. But he knew he could not be a “sports car guy “ and a “motorcycle guy”, as he believed the way you choose to get around says a lot about how you see yourself as a person. Also, he knew that his work as a barista at a local coffee shop will never pay for both, so, at some point in life, a choice have to be made. One day, another guy comes by the coffee shop. It was pouring rain that day as this guy parks his beautiful chopper across the street and approaches the balcony, dripping water all over the place. Looking in sorrow at this poor soaked wet biker, the young man asked him what he thought to be a rhetorical question:

“Don’t you wish you had a car today?” And the rider simply replied:

“No. Just wish it wasn’t raining today”.

Strategy is about making the choices that better suit your purposes. Never the way around.


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