Pedro Cunha Monteiro

Born in Lisbon in 1977. 23 years later, completed my Psychology degree, which made me realize how “crazy” it would be to follow this path. Thankfully, I also had a passion for branding and design. Once I found out design is not restricted to designers, a career became a possibility, since my drawings resembled the scribblings of a six-year-old.


I started working at NovoDesign as a junior analyst. One year later, I joined its DesignForce: a branch agency where I had the chance to grow in experience and skills. 2 years later, I return to the main house (now called Brandia) as a senior creative strategist, relishing the opportunity to collaborate with major portuguese and international companies in their most important branding projects.

galp ola oni
tvcabo unicer vodafone


I left Brandia to co-found SNorD: a design agency with product design, architecture and branding deep rooted in its DNA. The great work made by SNorD reflects the awesomeness of it’s talented, creative and collaborative people for whom I will be forever thankful.

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I founded Thinkwide™, my own creative agency, in the belief that creativity should always be part of a meaningful strategic outcome. Outside of my career, I play piano as a lifetime passion and soccer as a weekend hobby. In 2011, I became the proud daddy of a little princess, who happens to be the perfect excuse for not finishing my first novel, which I intend to do right after concluding this biographic note (even though I know I probably won’t).